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GTC provides its clients a wide array of custom tailored application specific solutions.  Each designed to meet QOS criteria too ensure Mission Critical Reliability (MCR), and Bullet-Proof Security (BPS).

GTC’s recommendations include Infrastructure Planning, Design and Implementation (Fiber/Copper, Wireless), Telecom (VoIP CPE or Hosted), Datacom (Routers, Switches, LAN, WAN, or Cloud), Power Protections Systems (PLC’s and UPS’s), Service and Maintenance Contracts (365/24/7, or 8 to 6 business day).

GTC along with our partners and affiliates collaborate to provide sales, installation, service and support to ensure a solid infrastructure is laid to implement flexible platform integrations that support state-of-the-art technologies from highly reliable manufacturers and suppliers.  The Mobility requirements of today’s technology thirsty workforce can collaborate on multiple levels from around the Globe, if need be.  Providing those tools and security over the Worldwide Internet is a critical element of any businesses future investment strategy.






GTC works for our clients to ensure that they have the necessary tools and systems in place to remain viable in their marketplace and competitive around the World.  Integrated Fail-proof systems yield higher productivity and profitability!




    GTC provides a wide range of HD 1080P Telepresence solutions that provide IP based collaboration with Customers, Employees, Vendors, Partners, and other Affiliates.  When being there in person is not possible, being connected using Telepresence collaboration software allows all parties to participate and provide input simultaneously.  Whether working on a new experiment, operation, project, strategy, or developing a new relationship with a distant prospect Telepresence will facilitate your ability to complete any venture faster, and with greater input and superior results; at a significant cost savings every time.


    Business at the speed of DATA is changing the way companies look at and realize significant cost reductions from the physical layer to the Cloud.  Applications hosted in the cloud can be cost effective, but also carry a risk of Information Theft and Financial Loss due to sophisticated hackers looking for a weakness in a network.  GTC designs and builds systems that provide Bullet Proof Security, Reliability, and Accessibility dependent upon each business’s goals, objectives and financial commitment.


    GTC will design, build and implement the physical layer infrastructure from Rack to Jack, over LAN to WAN, and Wireless Backbone. GTC’s strategy of an integrated cable, hardware, software, wireless and mobile technology platform allows any business to implement the technologies they choose to for collaboration around the Globe. There is no totally wireless environment, but there maybe someday!


    UC is the modern day simultaneous voice and data of the late 80’s and early 90’s ON STEROIDS!  This is the Mobility Xfactor that allows technologies to become integrated, yet independent.  Every business wants Accessibility, Flexibility and Mobility, but not everyone understands the complexities.  GTC helps bring it all together for our client’s by identifying the impediments then developing the appropriate strategy and finally implementing the platform to accomplish the tasks at hand.



    You may have heard it said that CCTV Security Systems and Access Control keep Honest people Honest, this is certainly more true than false!  What is important to realize is these systems are not just implemented to catch thieves (which they do), but also to provide a record of activities that can be used as evidence in a court of law.  Theft is a big problem in some companies, while Insurance Fraud might be a problem for others, however Security Systems (SS) and Access Control (AC) provide businesses with much more than that.


    SS/AC systems provide Peace-of Mind!  Owners, Supervisors, Stock Holders, Security Personnel, Insurance Adjusters, etc… cannot be there 24/7, but SS/AC can be there recording 365/24/7.  The major reason for these systems is LIABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY!  The cameras don’t lie, and the access control can track inventory, personnel or perps where ever they go in the facility.


    HDIP NVR or DVR platforms archive Visual Information for Forensic Evidence that holds up it court, your story may not!  Even if it is TRUE!  These systems also allow interested parties to view remotely, Live or Archived video footage from anywhere on the planet, from a computer, smart phone or tablet.  Now that is having your finger on the pulse of your business!






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